With the growing popularity of Bollywood movies and songs,
Bollywood Beats is focused on providing an unforgettable Indian dance and workout experience for people of all age groups.

All See All Bollywood Dance Classes

Bollywood Dance Classes

Bollywood Beats is a Bollywood dance school located in Edmonton, AB. We offer Indian dance classes for adults, youth, and children ages 3 and older. Bollywood / Indian dancing is all about story telling. The songs are from the various movies and they depict for example, a celebration song, a seduction song, a love song, a song of sadness. So when you dance it out, you are dancing the words and moods. Different songs are used for different occasions. Wedding songs are the most popular.
Bollywood dancing is so diverse that it is fusion of all Indian dance forms. One Bollywood dance could be extremely traditional and classical, while another could be extremely bold, sexy and modern. As it is a creative explosion, it all depends on the choreographer/teacher’s interpretation.

Bollywood Dance Classes Location and Schedule

Bollywood Beats Studio (Inside: Quantum Leap Dance)
– 11232 163 St NW, Edmonton, AB

Registration NOW OPEN until SEPTEMBER 8, 2018

——Each semester contains 10 classes, 1 class per week.——

Bollywood Dance Classes

July 7 to September 8, 2018
Instructor: Prarthna
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM every Saturday

$210 for 10 Classes
July 8 to September 9, 2018
Instructor: Sushant
1:30 PM to 3:30 PM every Sunday

$210 for 10 Classes
September 9 to November 18, 2018
Instructor: Sushant
1:30 PM to 3:30 PM every Sunday

$210 for 10 Classes

For private classes info, please contact Deepti Sami at (780) 953-7302

Bollywood Beats also provides Bollywood Dance Instructor Certification for adults. Please CONTACT US for more information.

Bollywood Workshops

Bollywood Dance workshops consist of conducting a detailed introduction towards learning the fundamentals of the art of Bollywood Dancing. A fun and enjoyable experience for all ages. Bollywood Dance workshops are conducted for ages 3 years and above. Bollywood Beats instructors have previously conducted various workshops throughout Edmonton and Alberta. Some them being camps for Apple Schools, Girl Guide Camps, and MS Society of Canada Kid Camps.

Bollywood Performance

For more performance videos, please visit our YouTube channel:
With the creative expertise of Deepti Sami, Bollywood Beats has created a niche in fusing live vocals along with live dance performance. Such performances require a perfect coordination between the live singer and the dancer. A singer singing an extra note has to be matched with that extended expression and body movement by the dancer. Such a beautiful synchronization can only happen through incessant practice and when both artists share the same feel about the song. Bollywood beats has made that happen and these performance are gaining popularity among our audiences.

Bollywood Performance for Your Events

Dance performance by our professional Bollywood dance troupe is the perfect way to impress your guests in your events such as:
– Stagette Parties
– Corporate Events
– Private Parties
– Birthday Parties
– Baby Showers
– Engagement Parties
– Wedding Receptions

Performance Packages

– Package A (1 to 2 dancers)
1 Dance choreography
1 Dance with audience participation

– Package B (1 to 2 dancers) no change of dancers
2 Dance choreography
1 Dance with audience participation

– Package C (1 to 4 dancers) with change of dancers
2 Dance choroegraphy
1 Dance with audience participation.

*for additional dancers and dances, prices are negotiable

Please contact Deepti Sami at (780) 953-7302 or send an email to deeptisami@bollywoodbeats.org for pricing and inquiries about Private Classes, Group Dance Choreographies, Bollywood Workshops and Bollywood Performance.

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